ShipChat is automated auto logistics. We're a transportation platform for shippers, brokers, carriers and owner/operators to find and accept loads through mobile devices.

How It Works

ShipChat is the underpinning platform for the auto transport transport industry - built to strengthen the operations of owner operator truck drivers, mom-n-pop brokerages, and auto shippers of all types. ShipChat specifically connects driver's to loads via SMS notifications. Carriers can send load requests through text messages from their native messaging app on any mobile device or accept loads from incoming load notification messages sent by ShipChat. Loads come from various channels: brokers, partners, or directly from shippers.

The more ShipChat knows about your business needs, the more loads we send your way, and the faster your business grows. ShipChat will optimize your lanes, connect you to quality loads, and add efficiency to your trucking operation so you no longer need to chase the money.

How Much Does It Cost

NO subscription fees. NO sign up fees. NO commitments what so ever. Drivers only pay per successful load match. Decline or accept as many loads as you desire.

How Do I Sign Up

We're currently in a private beta. If you'd like to be notified when we open up to more drivers just enter your email address below.

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